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Ultimate Security

Ultimate Protection & Security Gympie Security Services Ph: 1300 248 507 Email: Web: Ultimate Protection & Security Pty Ltd provides of all your electronic and physical security requirements, from a basic domestic alarm system to a multi area commercial system and all manpower services. All staff are fully licensed and trained. All... [Read more]

GC Bobcat Hire

GC Bobcat Hire Gympie Region Mob: 0438 685 999 Email: Web: Call GC Bobcat Hire for all your earthmoving, excavation, site clearing and demolition needs in the Gympie region. Our reliable team offer everything from rock wall builds, to slashing, to grading. We use reliable equipment to provide the best possible customer... [Read more]

Gympie Flooding 2012

Gympie Flooding – 25 February 2012 UPDATE SUNDAY 26 Feb – 12.30pm – The Bureau site shows a peak of 15.44M at 7.12am and a height of 15.29M at 11.59am. The QLD Govt. website at indicates the Bruce Highway was cut at Kybong yesterday afternoon – we are not aware of the current situation outside Gympie.  Read below for flood height information... [Read more]

7 Bizarre Anxiety Home Cures That Really Work

7 Bizarre Anxiety Home Cures That Really Work Anxiety is one of the most problematic mental health issues that affect our lives today. Many people that suffer from anxiety turn to pills, but it is widely recognized that if you truly want to cure anxiety, you need to integrate anxiety reduction techniques into your life. These techniques need to address the anxiety itself, rather than simply dull it... [Read more]

Facebook Business Pages

New Facebook Business Page for Gympie Websites After publishing the new mobile website for Gympie Websites, we decided to see what it would look like integrated into Facebook.  So after creating a new header image and some simple modifications, we now have our slick mobile site design loading directly as our Facebook Business Page at  We think it looks cool... [Read more]

Mobile Websites

New Mobile Website for Gympie Websites We have just completed a new mobile website for our Wordpress development site.  We have developed the new mobile site in PHP i.e. it consists of several very small single PHP files for the site pages  to ensure that the pages load super fast on all mobile devices including IPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.  We chose to develop... [Read more]

Gympie Council to Be Divided

Gympie Council to Be Divided – Decision Made The ABC website reports that the Queensland Government has decided Gympie Regional Council will operate under an electoral divisional system for the 2012 election. Today (4/11/2011), Local Government Minister Paul Lucas says Gympie Regional Council will now have divisional councillors rather than undivided representation.  Minister Lucas says he... [Read more]

Stay at Home Mum

Stay at Home Mum Jody Allen Gympie, 4570    Read More →

Tiaro Real Estate

Tiaro Real Estate        Read More →

Google +1 Button for Internet Marketing

The Amazing Benefit of Google +1 Button for Internet Marketing Internet marketing provides a good platform for people to shop online from the convenience of their home. It has really made things a lot easier for us as we move into a full global village. But the average internet marketer is faced with the challenge of making his product visible to billions of people plugged into the e-world. To him,... [Read more]

Google Plus 1 Button

Google Plus 1 Button – Latest Method for increasing Web Traffic Advertisement is a big factor in business development. It entails giving your product or services the required amplification to a wider audience. This is true whether you run your business online or offline. But the emerging results show that it is possible to get more audience online quicker than you can get offline. However, the... [Read more]

Computer Error Scam

Virus Phone Call Scam Alert After receiving a couple of scam phone calls over the last 2 months, I would like to warn readers about this scam. The scam involves a random telephone call made to an Australian number from an offshore call centre. A computer is used to do predictive dialing and connect the call, which is characterised by a delay of a few seconds before the other person answers. The caller... [Read more]

Gympie Council – Bad Decision on Divisions

Gympie Regional Council – Bad Council Decision on  Divisions So Gympie Regional Council voted against introducing divisional representation at the meeting on Wednesday 9 March 2010 citing that a lack of response to their survey indicated that the community didn’t want divisions. While this decision comes as no surprise because Councillor interest in self-preservation over-rides their interest... [Read more]

A Review of Apple’s iPhone 4

A Review of Apple’s iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 is the latest Apple smart phones and has improved more than its predecessor, the very popular iPhone 3G. Whether you have always purchased Apple products, or you are wondering if you should go with another competitor’s brand, it would be a very smart move on your part if you researched the products that the iPhone offers before you make a commitment... [Read more]

Apple iPad Review – Is it Worth the Cost?

Apple iPad Review – Is it Worth the Cost? Can you resist running out and buying every new gadget that appears, some people can’t. Do you own an iPad, some people are still a little more cautious and gathering information. Many people who own this device, have opinions that vary on whether there is a right or wrong answer about getting one. This article will look at the reasons why people... [Read more]

Gympie Printers

  Gympie Printers STAR CLUB Copy Centre 100 Mellor St GYMPIE Q 4570 PH 07 54836477 Fax 07 5483 7510 Email: Web: Web: Gympie Printers and Printing Services Star Club Print & Sign Centre. If you are looking for Printing, Signs and Marketing Materials in Gympie, call in... [Read more]

How To Help Your Anorexic Daughter

How To Help Your Anorexic Daughter To Feel Acceptance It is agonizing watching your daughter struggle with anorexia, and that is one thing millions of parents come to grips with each year. There are so many cases of it, that it is safe to say you are possibly not far removed from an anorexic. If it has taken place in your family, then you understand how hard it is for all concerned. A lot of anorexics... [Read more]

Tips on how to Effectively Manage Social Anxiety

Tips on how to Effectively Manage Social Anxiety Social anxiety is something that maybe everybody experiences at some time or another. This is a hugely variable experience that may only take place in certain special instances. Fear and anxiety are experienced and conveyed in many ways with people. Our system can react to fear in a lot of ways from dry mouth to flushed palms and twitchy lips. No one... [Read more]

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Reviews You’ll want to keep the following information in mind when shopping for a Dyson Vacuum. One important thing to consider is whether or not you have asthma, allergies or pets in your home. Dyson vacuums are built especially for those who need to take such matters into consideration. The Root Cyclone Technology is a core feature of all Dyson Vacuums making them one... [Read more]

Kirby Vacuums Reviews

Kirby Vacuums Reviews – What You Should Know Kirby vacuums have been a bedrock of the vacuum cleaner industry for many decades. They are known for designing the best vacuum cleaners. It is almost a standard customer experience to have bought a Kirby vacuum over twenty years ago and still be using the same unit. What you will find with a Kirby unit is the legendary built to last American ideal... [Read more]

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