Apple iPad Review – Is it Worth the Cost?

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Apple iPad Review – Is it Worth the Cost?

Can you resist running out and buying every new gadget that appears, some people can’t. Do you own an iPad, some people are still a little more cautious and gathering information. Many people who own this device, have opinions that vary on whether there is a right or wrong answer about getting one. This article will look at the reasons why people have praised or critiqued the iPad.

If you like to read e-books, this alone may be a good reason to get an iPad. Compared to other electronic book readers, such as the Nook and Kindle, the iPad gives you a bright, color LCD screen that’s very easy on the eyes. Apple provides the user with a unique bookstore called iBooks, and free app for Kindle is available. Of course, if reading e-books is all you want the iPad for, you have to factor in that it’s more expensive than other book readers. However, those devices don’t give you the iPad’s other features, such as internet access and the ability to watch videos and play games. Something that comic fans are happy about is the Marvel Comic app which lets you read Marvel comic books and view the illustrations in high definition.

If you already use an iPhone and are familiar with many of the apps that work with it, you’ll be glad to know that most of them will also work on an iPad. You can easily synch apps from your iPhone or iPod to your iPad. There are over 100,000 apps available for these, and the number is getting higher. These great and diverse applications let you use your iPad for all sorts of means, such as reading magazines, playing games, getting information, services and more. The apps that you can get for any of Apple’s devices are usually inexpensive, and many are free.

This device does not support flash which is a matter of contention for some video equipped websites. This does not limit you from viewing YouTube videos with the app you can get for it.

The reason Apply won’t support flash on this device is because flash tends to be too slow and can bog your memory down with the amount that’s requires. HTML5 is already being experimented with through YouTube will likely replace flash in the future. Still, if you want to be able to access all of the features of flash websites, the iPad may frustrate you.

You will still find the device to be fascinating. The decision to buy one is yours. In relation to your preferences it’s necessary to consider the pros and cons discussed here. Because this is only the first generation of the device it’s likely we will see upgrades in the future.

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