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7 Bizarre Anxiety Home Cures That Really Work

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7 Bizarre Anxiety Home Cures That Really Work

Anxiety is one of the most problematic mental health issues that affect our lives today. Many people that suffer from anxiety turn to pills, but it is widely recognized that if you truly want to cure anxiety, you need to integrate anxiety reduction techniques into your life. These techniques need to address the anxiety itself, rather than simply dull it with medicine.  

There are thousands of different ways to cure anxiety at home, but some of these solutions are so bizarre that at first glance it may seem that there is no possible way that they could actually address your anxiety symptoms. Yet time and time again, these home anxiety reduction methods have been shown to drastically cut down on your anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing. Here are seven different bizarre home anxiety cures that are known to work for anxiety sufferers all over the world.

Bizarre Home Cures for Anxiety

  • Yelling and Screaming

It’s not uncommon for those with anxiety to feel like they want to explode. The stress of your daily experiences takes a toll on you, and you want nothing more than to yell and scream at the top of your lungs at everyone and everything that is bothering you in life.

So do it. Research has shown that yelling and screaming for long periods on end has the potential to let out a considerable amount of anxiety. While you may want to avoid screaming in an open field where someone might hear and worry, screaming into a pillow for a good 15 to 30 minutes has the potential to drastically cut down your overall anxiety level and help you feel more relaxed and pleasant.

  • Chewing Peppermint Gum

Many different plants and plant extracts have been linked to reducing overall anxiety levels. It’s widely believed in herbal medicine that peppermint has a calming effect on the body. Peppermint tea and candy all have shown unique benefits for those that prefer herbal remedies to help calm their active mind and body.

Yet the act of chewing may be beneficial as well. Keeping your mouth moving and letting out some aggression on a piece of tasty gum or chewable candy can help you cut down on some of your anxiety and experience less tension throughout your day.

  • Writing Down All Your Thoughts Before Bed

Anxiety leads to poor sleep, and poor sleep leads to greater anxiety. It’s a vicious pattern that affects many anxiety sufferers all over the world. One of the most well recognized ways to fall asleep faster is to write down every thought you have – no matter how strange, sad, happy, or ludicrous – into a small journal right before you go to sleep.

Your brain often keeps you awake because it wants to make sure you remember your thoughts. When you write your thoughts down, you’re telling your mind that it’s okay if it goes to sleep, because even if it forgets everything, there is now a place where it can look to remember. This will help you reduce you night time anxiety level, you will sleep better, and every morning you will get to experience the benefits of being well rested.

  • Smashing Things

Sometimes it’s not fear that causes anxiety, but repressed frustration and aggression. Experts advise that repressing this frustration will only lead to further anxiety until it starts to build up and lead to unwanted behaviors and interactions.

A company in Japan has come up with a solution. There is a store in Tokyo known as “Akihabara’s ‘Smashing Place’” that allows you to pay money to break things in a wide open alley. While it’s never a good idea to break things that are important to you, the ability to let out your frustrations on objects you can waste has been shown to help reduce overall stress and anxiety by providing an outlet for you to reduce some of the issues that you keep bottled inside.

It may be a good idea to pick up some cheap pots at a garage sale and release some of your pent up anger on them in order to help calm your body. If nothing else, you will have an interesting story to tell the trash collector.

  • Dry Brushing

The physical effects of anxiety are due in large part to chemicals inside your body that stimulate your nervous system and cause you to feel tense and nervous. These hormones can be caused by stress, pressure, or even generalized anxiety, and the more of these hormones you have in your body, the more you anxiety you feel.

To reduce these chemicals, many experts recommend gently rubbing a dry brush against your skin. Dry brushing has been shown to stimulate your nervous system which ultimately helps to reduce these hormones and lead to less stress. Plus it’s a good way to make your skin feel smoother.

  • Sex

Perhaps one of the most powerful cures for anxiety is also one of the most popular. Sex – at least, satisfying sex – has been shown to have considerable benefits for relieving anxiety and stress.

For starters, sex is physical exhausting. Exercise has been known to decrease tension, and sex involves both aerobic and anaerobic activity, which helps tire out both your heart and muscles. Both of which help you decrease your overall anxiety level.

Sex also causes a release of endorphins – a “feel good” chemical in your brain that improves your mood and calms your fight or flight response. Finally, sex is also an enjoyable activity, and filling your life with more positive activities has been shown to reduce overall anxiety and stress levels.

Discovering New Anxiety Reduction Methods

Anxiety disorders affect over 14% of the US alone, costs billions of dollars in health care, and affects job performance, happiness, and energy. There is no denying how harmful persistent anxiety can be on your lifestyle.

The best way to reduce your anxiety is to find at home anxiety-reduction methods that are known to help cure your overall anxiety. The above list represents just a few of the many effective ways to cure anxiety and help improve your quality of life.


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