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We urge all members to review their listing and send us a profile or description that tells visitors what products you sell or services you provide. Adding this information to your listing page will add a lot of value to your listing, make your listing easier to find for visitor searches and give you better backlinks to your websites. You can email this to us or use the Listing Update Form provided under the Member Tab on the website. We can add a photo of your business if you send one as well.

New Facebook Business Page for Gympie Websites

After publishing the new mobile website for Gympie Websites, we decided to see what it would look like integrated into Facebook.  So after creating a new header image and some simple modifications, we now have our slick mobile site design loading directly as our Facebook Business Page at  We think it looks cool and the simple PHP scripting means it loads very quickly in Facebook.

Gympie Websites Facebook Business Page

Thinking about this a bit more, I guess the modifications might not be all that simple for business owners. Facebook likes to keep changing their platform and that means it is a bit of a chore to keep up with the changes to keep a custom Facebook Business page online.  Recent changes include:

  • The requirement that Facebook Business Page Iframe Applications (the method of displaying our web pages inside Facebook) be hosted on secure SSL servers.  We setup a secure server 6 months ago for hosting SSL applications for Facebook.
  • Changing the name of the pages from Fanpages to Business Pages (didn’t cause any issues but some confusion for business owners)
  • Changing the Developer platform making it more difficult to add a new application to a Business Page.  We have discovered a workaround for this problem. 
  • Making the scripting for removing Iframe application scrollbars obsolete on 1 January 2012 and introducing new API code for this purpose.  The new API code will need to be added to existing Iframe applications within the next 90 days

 We develop Facebook Business Page Iframe applications where we can display website content with your business page we have decided to have a new year special as well:

In conjuntion with our New Year Special for Mobile Websites, we will also offer an integrated package including setting up your new mobile website as a Facebook Business page application for just an extra $165 GST inc.

This offer includes developing a second mobile website with the required modifications (graphics and API coding) for Facebook and hosting the Facebook version on our secure server for 12 months.

We also develop Facebook applications for social commerce and social review.  Some examples of these are:

Contact Allan at for information on our Facebook applications.



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