Virus Help

The current recommendations are that every PC user needs to protect their system against virus infrction, malware and intrusion.  For business users and some home users), this means that you need an advanced antivirus solution that incorporates a firewall and malware detection capability.  There are several good solutions available and we will be bringing you a recommendation following our review of the 2010 Antivirus product releases.

In the meantime, home users can obtain reasonable protection using AVG free from Grisoft.

If you suspect that you have a problem with your PC that may be virus related, there aree a number of companies that provide a free online virus check for your PC.  These include:

 PC-Cillin web site provides a free online check of your PC for viruses. The site dowloads a small program file to your PC and conducts a check of your PC to remove viruses.

Nortons Antivirus/Symantec Web Site  also provides a free online antivirus check. This link also provides access to an online encyclopaedia of virus information and various tools for removal of particular viruses.