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Squidoo Tips

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Increase The Exposure Of Your Squidoo Lens With These Tips

Any Internet marketer who’s been in the business for the past few years should understand how important Squidoo is as a tool for building a business and marketing via the ‘net. In the following article we will be discussing how you can effectively promote your Squidoo lens and get targeted exposure. Whether your lens is about Gympie Business or any other topic, aving a Squidoo lens can do wonders.

First and foremost; before you even start creating a lens, it’s important to do your research, which includes the market research part, the keyword analysis, etc. This isn’t just about you building a lens that meets the needs of your target audience but also in helping the search engines identify your lens as a valuable source of information for your target market. Be aware of Squidoo lenses that already exist within your niche and of how well they are performing. Once you have a clear idea, it will give you a better way to target your audience and bring in more traffic. Now, when it comes down to promotion of your Squidoo lens it is all about giving high quality information and at the same time optimize it in such a way that it receives the exposure needed. Every day, marketers use Squidoo lenses as a tool for delivering targeted traffic for the purpose of selling products or services they offer. All you need to do is learn how to promote your lenses and you can do this too.

Your lens needs to be highly relevant to your niche before the search engines are going to send any good will in your direction.

If you’re making a “dog training” lens, for instance, you don’t want to devote a segment to gardening as this will lead to confusion from search engines and your audience. The more targeted your content is the better value it will deliver to your visitors. Lenses that provide this service to visitors are more likely to receive word of mouth type of traffic and recommendations from visitors. So for example, if your lens is about Gympie tourist information, you can easily use Bookmarking Demon to help you bookmark and promote your lens.

Another important factor is ensuring the originality of your lens by ensuring that all the content you post isn’t available anywhere else on the net. If you have to use existing content, ensure that you recreate it so that your lens is completely unique. Sites that feature unique content that hasn’t been posted before will rank better in the search engines, especially since the latter dislike duplicate content. For this reason you must do your best to make sure your content is unique.

All in all, from the above article we can learn what it takes to promote your Squidoo lens effectively and get in front of your target audience. When your lens is new, it may take some time for results to become apparent, however, you shouldn’t give up because you will succeed if you are consistent. To see the best results from your lens over the long term you need to use this advice regularly. So go ahead and start promoting your Gympie Squidoo lens right away to see targeted results.

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