How To Build Social Proof Using Testimonials

Using Testimonials

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How To Build Social Proof Using Testimonials

As you know, the net is rampant with mistrust, and that is something that needs to be overcome in order to attract new customers. You can do wonders for your site and profits by using social proof on your site, and there’s no better way than displaying a slew of past satisfied customers in the form of testimonials. The bottom line in all this is simply that if you have good testimonials you need to use them because your conversions will increase. You can do certain actions, within the law, that will help you acquire the coveted testimonial, and here are about three different ways you can do that. Whether you’re targeting the Gympie Business niche or any other niche, testimonials will ultimatley help you sell more products.

The first approach is simple and obvious, you can first try asking people if they’re happy with their experience and then for a testimonial. It’s understandable that most people won’t even think to offer a testimonial even if they’re experience was great. So that is why it’s incumbent on you to be proactive about it and ask. However, customers do know about providing feedback, especially if they’re not happy, so if you think they’re not upset about anything you can request feedback. The best way to put in a request to your customers for a testimonial is when you hear a positive comment from them. The next step is to write down the comment and email them about it asking for their permission if you could use their comment for marketing. It’s like any other kind of conversion in which most will agree while may not. Actually, you’ll find that people like this because it’s personal attention, and you’re interested in their thoughts, etc. Obviously, this has a snowball effect because you’ll get more sales with more testimonials, and you can keep repeating the process.

If you’re a B2B provider of some kind, you can choose a few customers and email them a positive review or testimonial for their business. The intended effect is to make them feel more inclined to offering you a testimonial later on down the road. You probably won’t want to reveal all of your sites, but if you have one that you don’t mind using then it’s good to put them in your own personal testimonials on other websites. This is the kind of practice that gets you in touch with other businesses, and you never know when that may turn into something good and unexpected later on. So for instance, if your product is about Gympie then you need to ask your customers for “feedback” on this particular product.

Last, do not make the error of putting your testimonial away in a corner someplace. See if you can put them in many different places that you customer may visit so that they will influence his decision. This could possibly be your site home, invoice page, sales area, etc. Your testimonials should be put in the center of the page because they are known to increase conversions. You should put them in creative locations because you don’t want your readers to miss them. Also, try to put your testimonials in your email campaigns because this is where they will be received the most.

Always use real testimonials, it’s the law, but now that should not be a problem for you, anymore. You can easily do this as long as you’re willing to put the effort into it. Just keep working on this method and approach and have patience with it. For example, if your aim is to sell more of your Gympie Business List product, you can use testimonials to boost your sales.

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