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Factors to consider when buying a Metal Detector

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Factors to consider when buying a Metal Detector.

When choosing your first metal detector, it is a good idea to do some research on the Internet to find out the various brands and their features available in Metal Detectors. If you are a newcomer to the metal detecting hobby or profession, you need to make certain that you find the right detector unit for your needs. When buying a metal detector, you need to be aware of the following considerations:


It is important to make sure that the detector you buy has the features you need and this means that it probably won’t be the cheapest model available, probably something like a Garrett GTI 1500 Metal Detector. Cheaper metal detectors may be substandard and may not perform well so they probably lead to you not being satisfied with your purchase. Regardless of the nature of your metal detecting experience, it is better to buy a unit with the functionality you need to avoid disappointment alter on.

While it is better to buy a unit with extra features, it is still important to know what features you really need and to stick with those features and stay within your budget Ideally, you should be able to buy the detector with your required features within your budget. Therefore, your choice should not be too expensive or too complicated. You will always be able to upgrade to a more fully featured unit if you end up finding that you need better features than what may be available with the unit you buy. There are several options for upgrading your used metal detector including locating dealers who offer trade-ins, online classifieds and local newspaper classifieds.


The major metal detector manufacturers usually offer a range of detectors from simple to advanced fully featured units. Some manufacturers also have very high end detectors for specific uses and these often very complicated units usually come with built-in programming that make them easy to operate. These high end units may not be suitable for novice metal detector users as the ability to use the extra functionality may require a lot of field experience. Higher end units are more expensive as they usually offer more functionality. To stay within your budget, only buy a metal detector with the features you need. Select your unit based on what you are going to use it for so that it meets your needs. If a basic detector can satisfy your metal detecting needs, there is no reason to buy a more expensive unit with many or complicated features.

Weight and Stability

Older metal detectors were very heavy to carry because of the heavy batteries and signaling systems. Now with advances made in battery and computing technologies and other innovations made by detector designers and engineers, current metal detectors are much lighter, more stable and much easier to use. Therefore, before making a purchase, it would be best to test the metal detector to see if it fits your size requirements or read the technical specifcations to ensure that the unit is a light weight with an adjustable reach mechanism. Check the weight and length of the unit in the Manufacturers specifications to determine whether it will a suitable unit for you to use. The unit should be lightweight and have adjustable length to suit your height etc.

Before deciding to buy your new Garrett Metal detector, make sure you have careful of consideration the factors listed above because they will help you decide which detector gives the best value and is more likely to satisfy your needs. Avoiding disappointment in your metal detecting activities will rely on the your ability to select the right detector based on these factors.