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We urge all members to review their listing and send us a profile or description that tells visitors what products you sell or services you provide. Adding this information to your listing page will add a lot of value to your listing, make your listing easier to find for visitor searches and give you better backlinks to your websites. You can email this to us or use the Listing Update Form provided under the Member Tab on the website. We can add a photo of your business if you send one as well.

At, we understand the importance of implementing current Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles in any website development we undertake.  We use the latest and best information available to us through our long term subscription to Jerry West’s SEO Revolution and his “Google Best Practice” Guidelines to ensure that the website has the best chance for optimum Google ranking.  After looking at some new websites being published by Gympie Businesses, we have noted that some of these new sites do not include the basic principles of On-Page SEO and some also use coding methods that prevent their content being available for indexing.

Therefore, we have decided to write an article series on SEO to assist site owners to identify if their sites incorporporate the required elementary SEO design principles.  The first of these articles deals with an introduction to SEO and tells you how to check your site to see the basic on-page elements have been included. 

Read “What is Search Engine Optimisation? ” here.

Read our summary of the Gympie SEO seminar sponsored by DEEDI (Qld Govt) held in Gympie 5 May 2010.

If you have doubts about your site, you can send an email to All at and ask for a free analysis that will assess the SEO basics of your site for you.

Stay tuned for part 2 – More on page factors and a basic website analysis.

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