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We urge all members to review their listing and send us a profile or description that tells visitors what products you sell or services you provide. Adding this information to your listing page will add a lot of value to your listing, make your listing easier to find for visitor searches and give you better backlinks to your websites. You can email this to us or use the Listing Update Form provided under the Member Tab on the website. We can add a photo of your business if you send one as well.

Gympie WordPress Development

At, we have been specialising in developing WordPress CMS websites for local businesses since 2007 and have developed skills in customising Worpdress and working with Brian Gardner’s StudioPress premium themes.

We chose Worpdress as our development platform of choice for several reasons including the open source code and the availability of professional themes and plugins to build user-friendly, SEO optimised websites for our clients.  The open source heritage of WordPress was attractive as it enabled clients the option of easily moving their website to other hosting/support companies rather than basically imprisoning them with proprietary code systems like ASP and DOTNET.

Our re-development of as a WordPress Business Directory was undertaken fully in-house and provides an example of using a blend of StudioPress themes, customisation and suitable plugins.

We welcome enquiries for Worpdress website development using licensed StudioPress Premium themes and offer these words of advice for businesses seeking to engage a WordPress developer:

  1. If the developer offers a Premium Theme like StudioPress, ask the developer to provide confirmation that they own a licence to use that theme for development of client sites.
  2. Ask the developer “who will actually be building my website?”

It can be inexpensive to hire temporary outsourcing staff and several companies adopt this practice.  I believe that any company undertaking outsourcing development work should also possess the skills to do the work that is being outsourced.  Without these skills and knowledge, are you confident that the company can actually manage a development project on your behalf (as that is what they are doing).  Will they be able to provide the level of assistance you need when you want a modification or update?  Can you ring them and speak to the developer and get an straight forward answer about a technical aspect of your site.   

Ask yourself:

  • How do you communicate a technical problem to a person who doesn’t have the ability to implement the system?
  • Can you expect them to be able to  find the same outsourcer and relay the problem accurately to have it fixed?
  • What is going to happen if you click the automatic update button when the next version of WordPress is released and your site “breaks”?

Remember, if you are looking for a state of the art WordPress website, has been developing Worpress business websites in-house for more than three years.  We don’t only develop and customise WordPress sites, we fully manage every Worpdress site we host for our clients and we don’t charge a monthly maintenance fee to keep your site operational (although we may have to charge to fix a broken site if a client makes system changes or performs core updates without having a valid backup).  Clients are always welcome to give us a quick phone call if they are not sure of anything they are doing and we will either give you the technical advice you need or actually login and perform you request for you.

Don’t run the risk of using an unknown developer in hope of saving a few dollars as you may find getting help or resolving a problem could be expensive and frustrating.


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