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Gympie Council to Be Divided

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Gympie Council to Be Divided – Decision Made

The ABC website reports that the Queensland Government has decided Gympie Regional Council will operate under an electoral divisional system for the 2012 election. Today (4/11/2011), Local Government Minister Paul Lucas says Gympie Regional Council will now have divisional councillors rather than undivided representation. 

Minister Lucas says he adopted the recommendation of the independent Change Commission.  The Queensland Change Commision (part of Electoral Commission Queensland), undertook surveys and collected submissions from Gympie residents after the Gympie Council failed to conduct a satisfactory survey and then completely disregarded the majority vote for divisional represetation.

The Change Commision findings were that the majority of Gympie residents wanted a return to divisional representation – representation that was summarily removed at the time of amalgamation in 2008 by self-interested Mayors and Councillors, again with total dis-regard to the democratic wishes of residents.

The Queensland Government decision shows a respect for democracy – a respect that is sadly lacking in all elected representatives of Gympie Regional Council. 

The upcoming Gympie Council election in March 2012 will give Gympie residents the opportunity to elect new Councillors – people who can be true representatives instead of the current insular, self-interested totalitarians.

It is time to ensure that the current Gympie Councillors are called to account and made to regret their self- interested decision to disregard the democratic rights of the people of Gympie.


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Gympie Council – Bad Decision on Divisions

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Gympie Regional CouncilBad Council Decision on  Divisions

So Gympie Regional Council voted against introducing divisional representation at the meeting on Wednesday 9 March 2010 citing that a lack of response to their survey indicated that the community didn’t want divisions.

While this decision comes as no surprise because Councillor interest in self-preservation over-rides their interest in community representation, I find it difficult to accept that the whole process wasn’t a sham.

The Council was basically embarrassed into conducting “community consultation” on the issue and then the consultation process was undertaken in a half hearted manner by arranging a couple of obscure daytime meetings when most people can’t attend due to work commitments, a difficult online survey that required ratepayers to have the internet and an email address to complete and a few forms for available at Council offices/facilities.

This demonstrates that the only sincerity given to public consultation on the issue was to sincerely obfuscate the process ensuring that as few people could express an opinion as possible.

The local newspaper also showed it’s true colours as their reporting of the issue did not show any investigation into pros and cons of divisional representation or printing any survey forms to help their readers – a poor effort. 

Even a first year journalist could have done better and easily informed the readers that no divisional representation incurs huge financial liabilities for ratepayers without any local representation or accountability to help on their issues.

The right to divisional representation is basic electoral democracy.  This right has been removed from Gympie Ratepayers by an arrogant decision that should not have been able to have been made by this Council.

With 12 months to go to the next Queensland local Government election, the current Council having rejected divisions have ensured that it will be difficult for any person standing for election.  Prospective candidates now face the daunting and expensive task of conducting their campaign and building a profile across the whole Council area.

I trust that there will be some civic-minded people who will stand for election with a policy of implementing divisions and that the current Councillors will regret this decision.

UPDATE – 4/11/2011 – The Queensland Government has decided that Gympie Regional Council will re-introduce divisional representation for the 2012 Gympie election.  It is time to ensure that the current Gympie Councillors are called to account and made to regret their self interested decision to disregard the democratic rights of the people of Gympie.

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Gympie Regional Council

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Gympie Regional Council

Gympie Regional Council is the Local Government body administering the area surounding the City of Gympie in South East Queensland, Australia. Gympie city, the economic hub of the Gympie Region, is located 160 kilometres north of the State Capital, Brisbane and about a 40 minute drive north from Noosa, an internationally recognised tourist location on the Sunshine Coast .

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