Simple Tips To Succeed With Facebook Advertising

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Simple Tips To Succeed With Facebook Advertising

Legions of online marketers have been drawn to using Facebook advertising with hopes of tapping into the half a billion monthly visitors. There’s no way that it’s too late for you to get a chunk of the advertising/traffic pie. Having the ability to direct your ads exactly to your target demographic or market is not a problem, at all.

In this article we will be looking into 3 crucial Facebook advertising tips that will help you with your campaign. Whether you’re targeting a Gympie niche or any other niche, Facebook ads can work for you.

So where exactly should you be sending the traffic that is generated from your Facebook ads? Of course you should send it to your landing page, but what kind of landing page will have the best results? The Facebook fan page for your product! That’s right: you can increase your conversions by sending your site traffic to the fan page you’ve made on Facebook. Many new advertisers aren’t aware of the benefits of creating a fan page and directing the traffic to it. If you send it to your website instead of your fan page, you’ll see that your CTR and conversion rates are lower. The fact is, Facebook users are used to fan pages and find it easier to just hit the like button to become a fan. Once they see your fan page you will have a better chance to talk to them directly and make sure that the sale converts. The more people there are on your fan page, the better it is for you. Use this method to prove to yourself how well it works. Facebook offers a unique advantage to advertisers by allowing them to target groups that are passionate about a certain topic. If you’re experienced with writing classified ads or ppc ads, then you should have no problems with getting decent conversion numbers. If you’re a beginner, then you should learn something about writing ppc ads, or classified ads, and then practice writing them. So your ad should bring out this passion and zest in them so that you can get the most out of your efforts. Everything tends to snowball either in a good way or not so good way, and it all depends on the quality of your ad copy. So for example if you’re running ads about Gympie tourism, split testing can give you better return on investment.

The best part about Facebook is that your advertising campaign is quick and easy to get started. Make sure your landing page is highly interactive so that you can easily convert your clicks into profits and get the most out of your advertising campaign.

It is true that Facebook advertising isn’t quite a treacherous as doing Google Adwords or the other two. Like anything else, there’s a little learning curve but it’s nothing bad. No worries at all, you can do this; advertise on Facebook and throw your hat into the ring. So for instance, if your ad is about Gympie doctors then you will be able to find the ad that’s giving the best result.

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