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Google Crackdown

There are all kinds of packages meant to help blogs update automatically. The idea behind them is that you push start and they send spiders out through the web, trolling for articles that matches certain keywords you put into the program. The system then usually takes that written content and publishes it on your site. You then get to reap the benefits of having a regularly updated website without having to do any of the true work of writing and making that content yourself. It might appear to be the best thing ever. Except that…

Google is showing signs of getting tough with the web pages that don’t use authentic content. They are building measures to allow the spiders to check out your articles to make sure that it hasn’t been copied from somewhere else. If your site has primarily copied and pulled materials, you will be in trouble. You will certainly lose points in the eyes of Google. So exactly what does this mean for people who are hoping to develop an automated business?

Mostly, this means that business owners and business owners are going to have to get used to either working harder or compensating someone to work harder for them. This is good! It helps to protect the select few who have done the hard work that goes into developing original content. It may also help to ensure that a person is running a genuine business. If you are not good at composing or creating content, it is advisable to find the money to pay someone to create it for you. Trust us when we explain your expenditure will be really worth it.

The real fact is that, on the net, there are lots of sites that are built upon the hard work of others. The sites then make money by using that plagiarized content and putting up lots of ads on every page. While this is often a great way to generate a few extra dollars, if you get caught you can be positive that you are going to get into some major trouble. Stealing content is kind of an enormous deal, of course. Universities all around the planet expel students for things such as not appropriately citing their sources. Imagine the legal action you will be facing if you don’t credit your source appropriately or even just blatantly steal someone else’s intellectual property! Won’t it just be easier to just create your own work?

The simple truth is that, if you really want to earn money, you have to put in some work. Google is attempting to encourage the people who are doing that hard work while punishing the people who are stepping on the backs of the hard workers. We like this a lot. It will help to make things on the web a lot more fair for those who are honestly trying to help others and make a real living instead of rewarding people who use shoddy tactics to make a quick buck.

So, if you’re a web entrepreneur, you might want to get ready to perform some real (and often hard) work. Google is itching to smack down individuals who won’t be willing to put in a real effort!

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