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Featured LASIK Information Article - Good News For LASIK Surgery New York Style

LASIK is the acronym for the surgical procedure of Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK is the popular laser eye surgery that reshapes the eye. This eliminates the need for external corrective lenses such as contacts or eye glasses, in many cases. New York City is both a major financial center and a large population center of the U.S. It isn't surprising that LASIK surgery New York style is becoming popular too.

Some people may not know how LASIK surgery New York works. This explanation is very general and can apply to more locations than just LASIK surgery New York style. An eye doctor gives the potential laser eye surgery patient a thorough eye exam. The doctor then determines the correct eye shape that will restore vision in the patient. During LASIK surgery New York doctors used to use a tiny knife to cut a flap in the cornea as the first step in the laser surgery. Now there is a much better option when getting LASIK surgery New York style.

The completion of the one millionth IntraLase (tm) all-laser eye surgery procedure was a recent milestone in eye care technology practicised by LASIK surgery New York and other laser vision correction centers. Dr. Joseph Dello Russo at LaserVision of New York was one of the participating surgeons in this milestone. The source reported that Dr. Dello Russo had the honor of being one of the first surgeons in the country to offer the new blade-free LASIK surgery New York procedure.

The objective of the report was confirming the increasing demand for the bladeless LASIK procedure. Formerly, the initial step by LASIK surgery New York eye doctors was to manually cut a hinged flap in the cornea. Although LASIK complications are rare, this step caused most of the laser eye surgery problems and complications. This noted LASIK surgery New York doctor uses the laser to precisely cut the corneal flap, resulting in fewer complications.

Dello Russo is reported to having performed more than 50,000 LASIK operations in the last 15 years which confirms his status as a top LASIK surgery New York doctor. About 40% of those included the no-blade LASIK option. The bladeless LASIK procedure IntraLase (tm) gives LASIK surgery New York doctors much more control over the crucial first step of the laser vision correction.

Reaching the one million bladeless LASIK surgery milestone confirms that more eye surgery patients are seeking LASIK surgery New York style. The increasing need for this better procedure means that soon you'll be able to get LASIK surgery New York style almost anywhere.

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