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Keyword Services

There are many keyword services available on the Internet - from free services to paid services like Keyword Discovery, Nichebot and Wordtracker

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery advises that over 80% of all online transactions begin with a search by a keyword. therefore if you have a website that you wish to be competitive, you will need to be able to target all of the keywords that are relavant to your website. The Keyword Discovery service states that they can provide with the search terms that visitors use to find your products and services as as the keywords that your competitors are using. Find out more at


Nichebot offers a service that starts at 33 cents per day and provides a range of tools from quick keyword digging at Wordtracker and Overture to deep digging and analysis tools at Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery to provide the best keywords. Find out more at


Wordtracker helps you find the best keywords as effective search engine optimization depends on choosing the best keywords. What are the "best" keywords? When Internet users (your potential customers) use search engines like Google, keywords are the words and phrases they type into the search box while looking for information, products and services. Therefore the best keywords are the words and phrases that would be used by these visitors. Visit for information on their services

As an alternative to the online keyword serices, there is a range of specialist keyword research siftwar available.

We use Keyword Elite software as our keyword research tool solution to help us stay ahead of our competition. Keyword Elite provides us with lists of keywords and market research on profitability for those keywords so we know which products to target with the best keywords. Keyword Elite will even build website pages for you based on the keywords identified. Visit Brad Callen's website for more information on this invaluable software to help you optimise your website and a free copy of "The Players Guide To Adwords Domination".

If you are looking for specific information use our Google Search Engine facility to search our website or the Internet.


Keyword Research


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