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   Use Mailwasher Pro to remove spam.

The Anti-Spam Solution

MailWasher Pro is an anti-spam program that effectively filters unsolicited commercial e-mail, more commonly known as spam. Protecting users from e-mail borne security threats, MailWasher Pro stops all unwanted mail from reaching inboxes and inconveniencing users.

How does MailWasher Pro work?

MailWasher Pro automatically detects spam by scanning the body text, consulting online databases of known spam, together with blacklists users have created and optional user-configured filters.

The software has a simple three-step process:

1. Check incoming mail
2. Mark mail for deletion and/or bounce
3. Process mail

The software then assigns incoming mail with a status determining what action the user should take. MailWasher Pro has a unique bounce feature, which sends a message back to the sender appearing as though their e-mail address does not exist. Safely previewing mail from the ISP’s server, MailWasher Pro eliminates spam before it can pose a security threat to a users system. Users then process their mail, and can open their mail program from the MailWasher Pro window if desired. MailWasher Pro supports the POP3 protocol - which is the most common way to access e-mail. MailWasher Pro also supports Hotmail’s 110 million users who receive around 80% of all spam according to reports.

Because the software utilises human intelligence, legitimate mail is never blocked and only messages that have been bounced are added to the users Blacklist. Trusted senders can be added to the Friends list ensuring messages from family, friends and colleagues are never flagged. MailWasher Pro is available as a FREE fully functional 30 day trial download. MailWasher Pro is simple in design and very user-friendly, it takes only minutes to configure and learn how to use.

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